Although I've worked in the graphic arts for over 35 years, I consider myself a serious photographer hobbyist. I don't own fancy lighting equipment and expensive lenses but I love capturing images.

I began my career as an offset printer, worked in lithography, audio/visual, photo finishing and ran a conventional photo lab, all for a large aerospace company in the Midwest. I've "souped" miles of film and spent literally thousands of hours in the darkroom, but when "digital" came on the scene, I embraced it totally.

I started working with Photoshop before there were layers (ver. 2.5) and never looked back! I changed gears and started the Digital Imaging Department for the same company. When I retired in 2007, I was the Webmaster of the Communications Department.

I now work two days a week for my son, who owns a wide format graphics business. As Director of Digital Applications (D.A.D.), it allows me to stay current with the technology and continue my work as a digital imaging and web designer.

In my spare time I tutor Photoshop and build websites as a freelance artist. Retirement now allows me plenty of time to shoot my Nikon D70s for enjoyment and enhance my captured images using Photoshop, which is where I find my creative juices flow effortlessly.

I sincerely welcome honest critique of my work and I'm more than willing to share my knowledge with those who love the art. Since joining Flickr and Utata, I have become inspired by a number of photographers worldwide. My continued goal is to learn from them to improve my own body of work.

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