Learn to capture a great image first!  
Learn all the basics of capturing a professional looking photograph with your new digital SLR camera. Join me on photo assignments we create ourselves with your learning goals in mind. I will teach you the basics of lenses, lighting, cropping, composition and what you need to know about F-stops and shutter speeds to obtain the highest quality image.

Take the mystery out of post-processing  using image editing software. I'll show you short-cuts, simplify using the software and help you enhance the original image without making it look too contrived. Included are the basics you'll need to know to do photo retouching like the pros.

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Web Design
Low-cost web sites with professional design and simple navigation.
Photo retouching
Combine images, restore old photos, fix blemishes or manipulate digitally.
Video Documentation
Video capture, titling, editing services.

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