The Essentials

Three essential elements make good photographs.
1. Creative Expression: An artistic sense of awareness is vitally important when selecting the subject matter. Attention given to lighting creates the mood and ambient surroundings are considered artistically well before the camera exposure button is pressed.

2. Technical Ability: A fundamental understanding of Photography and a willingness to venture beyond the automatic settings of today's digital SLR cameras. A commitment to learning and becoming proficient technically is required to achieve consistent professional-level quality work.

3. Software Knowledge: A depth of knowledge beyond the 20% most Photographers obtain and a level of commitment to experimentation and practice. Photo editing software offers a variety of methods to enhance an image based on a given situation. Having a working knowledge of these methods enables the Photographer to choose the appropriate tool or function that will insure quality and save time.

My commitment to you is to provide instruction that will emphasize these essentials and make the time you spend with me an exciting learning experience that's fun and informative, one you will long remember as you pursue each new image capture.

Learn the Basics
For those who have stepped up from cell phone or point & shoot cameras to a digital SLR with interchangeable lenses, this is for you. Go with me on location to learn how to capture good professional looking pictures.

4 hours of instruction divided into two sessions will provide an understanding of how to use your camera for optimum results beyond using the automatic settings. In manual mode you will gain a solid understanding of how lens aperture, shutter speeds and ISO work together.

In addition, you will learn lighting, composition, depth-of-field and post processing methods using image editing software.

The total cost of this package is $200. The instruction can also be tailored to 3 hours for $175 or 2 hours for $150 Call me today for a free consultation to learn more.

Adobe Photoshop Tutoring Packages

6 hours of instruction designed to introduce beginners to basic image editing - $350

    - Covers necessary software settings to optimize computer performance, drive
      space and software properties.
    - Learn basic software functionality necessary to image editing.  
    - Learn proper usage of the basic image editing tools.  
    - Learn image enhancement techniques (color correction, contrast, brightness,
    - Learn how to resize, crop, straighten, and correct for distorted images.  
    - Learn proper scanning  techniques.  
    - Understand image resolution and appropriate sizes, i.e., email vs. print.

12 hours of instruction provides an intermediate level of understanding - $600
Covers all mentioned in 6-hour instruction plus the following:

- Learn usage of additional image editing tools associated with
  retouching, type tool features and others involving graphics with photos,
  titles, backgrounds, etc.
- Learn image layering, clipping paths, filter techniques and style effects.  
- Learn photocompositions, page layouts, advanced retouching and
  special effects.  
- Learn automated batch processing and customized actions.  

Customized instruction introduces student to advanced techniques.
Tailored specifically to the student’s needs, a free consultation is available to evaluate experience level and develop a training plan. Upon completion, a formal quotation will be provided outlining each area of instruction, number of hours required and total cost.

- All instruction is intended to be “hands-on” at the student’s computer.
- Students will be given a variety of editing assignments.
- Total hours are divided into 1, 1 or 2 hour sessions.

-  Prices are for single student tutoring only, however, team training is also available, call 815-978-0636 or email for details.

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