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Khe Sanh interview (PDF) Buddies at Camp Carroll The Napalm Girl: Kim Phuc
My combat experiences (PDF) Radio men Camp Carroll
We will never forget (PDF) The Wall Ambush
USMC Presentation (Powerpoint) Camp Carroll - Then Booby Traps part 1   part 2
News articles Camp Carroll - Now Hot LZ / Firefight
Vets and heart problems (PDF)

Vietnam Trip 2008

Khe Sanh survivor interview
Vietnam DMZ Tour (PDF) Pre-visit announcement (video) The Tet Offensive at Khe Sanh
Short-timer calendar The Children of Chau O photo gallery The battle in Hue
ID Card Orders The Children of Chau O (video) The evacuation of Hue
Purple Heart citation Signing Autographs (video) The battle at Con Tien
  The Chau O School (video) The Images of war
  The Chau O Market photo gallery The homecoming we never received
  The Chau O Market - Part 1 (video) Vietnam War 12 part video series
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
  The Chau O Market - Part 2 (video)
  Coconuts (video)  
  Mike attempts to buy a pair of shoes (video)  
  Da Nang photo gallery  
  Da Nang bus ride (video)  
  Our Team photo gallery  
  The Playground "Build" Site photo gallery  
  The Road to Khe Sanh photo gallery  
  Khe Sanh - Now (video)  
  Khe Sanh photo gallery  
  Camp Carroll - Now (video)  
  Site of the My Lai Massacre photo gallery  
  Thuy Bieu School for Handicapped Children  
  Marble Mountain (video)  
  Swiss Belhotel - Hoi An  
  Vietnam - People, Culture, Country  
  Tu Duc's Tomb, Hue City photo gallery  
  Tu Duc's Tomb, Hue City (video)  
  The Morin Hotel, Hue City (video)  
  Ho Chi Minh City photo gallery  
  Saturday night in Ho Chi Minh City (video)  

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